Kate Moss: The Reigning Queen of Cool


In the 20s, Clara Bow starred in a movie called It (for the love of god, don’t confuse it with the film based on Stephen King’s novel, which sparked my fear of clowns). The movie brought the idea of ‘it’ – that certain je ne sais quoi – to the masses. Bow herself said that although she was unsure of what exactly ‘it’ was, she felt that Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner were It girls and Robert Mitchum was an It man.

Clara Bow had loads of ‘it’ defined by Photoplay as a “sort of invisible aura that surrounds your being and bathes you in its effulgence” — and anyone with It is “always utterly un-self-conscious and perfectly indifferent and unaware of anyone’s interest in her. The moment self-consciousness enters into the affair, ‘It’ departs.”

My It girl will always be Kate Moss. She has ‘it’ by the bucketload. She’s effortless. She’s tousled hair, makeup that might just be from the night before, an outfit that looks like it was thrown together just before you walked out the door. To me, Kate Moss is the epitome of cool.

She has always been a contradiction of sorts. Models are expected to be chameleons, coat hangers that don’t take attention away from the fashion they are wearing, yet Kate has always had her own image. She is bigger than any brand, and she’s done it all without a social media presence – in an era that is dominated by social media starlets and celebs who share every detail of their life with OK! magazine, she is a rare breed.

I was lucky to be with Johnny [Depp]… he taught me a lot about fame. He told me ‘never complain, never explain’. That’s why I don’t use Twitter and things like that. I don’t want people to know what is true all the time and that’s what keeps the mystery.

Kate has been in the spotlight for over 25 years, and yet she remains an enigma. She has been on the cover of pretty much every magazine, but interviews are harder to find. Her image has been broadcast into millions of homes, yet many people have no idea what her voice sounds like.

She is unapologetic about her vices: drinking, smoking, sun worshiping, drugs – in a society obsessed with clean living, her dirty approach is strangely refreshing. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect, nor does she flaunt her behaviour in an effort to prove her rock’n’roll image. Unfortunately, her love of indulgence teamed with her mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’ can place her as a bit of a sitting duck.

I’ve been blamed for everything, from smoking to heroin to anorexia.

But yet, despite any controversy that she has attracted, she remains fashion’s golden girl. She has sparked trend after trend (skinny jeans or Hunter wellies, anyone?), has appeared on the cover of Vogue almost 40 times, and can still sell the shit out of anything. If Kate models it, people want it. The phrases ‘Kate the Great’ and ‘Moss is Boss’ don’t exist for nothing. This vixen has been reigning supreme as the queen of cool for three decades, and she won’t stop anytime soon.


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