Looks of the Month: February 2016

February served up some amazing beauty moments for us to lust over. From high-fashion moments on the runway, to the Grammys and the Oscars, we saw an array of beauty trends; with everything from fresh, low-key looks to amped up fashion faces that you will only find on the catwalk. Check out my round-up of the best looks of the month.

amfAR Gala


Adriana Lima at the amfAR Gala

Okay, so it would be impossible for Adriana to look anything less than perfect. But wow. This is definitely one of my favourite looks I’ve seen on her in a long time – maybe ever. She is so synonymous with the Victoria’s Secret brand and that sexy, tousled vibe, that I always think it’s so lovely to see her looking more polished and elegant. Her slicked back hair means all the focus is on her incredible features. Her skin and brows are flawless, and just provide the perfect canvas for her smokey eye and big lashes. Normally, I’m not a massive fan of lashes – I think they can veer into tacky territory -but because everything else is so pared down and fresh, they work. Her lips are the perfect shade of nude (honestly, what lipstick is this?) and allow the focus to remain on her beautiful eyes. There isn’t a thing I’d change about thing, it’s an absolute dream of a look.


Jasmine Tookes at the amfAR Gala

Jasmine followed Adriana’s lead and made the most of her supermodel genes, showcasing absolutely poreless skin (and the cutest smattering of freckles across her nose) and naturally full brows. The thing I love about her look is that it just seems so achieveable – her smokey eye could be easily recreated at home with just silver and grey eyeshadow and a few lashings of mascara; no lashes or expertly executed cat-eye in sight. Her hair looks like she chucked it up into a bun last minute, and I just love how relaxed the whole effect is. Obviously, this look looks best if you have perfect skin and model bone structure, but it’s still cool that it’s so simple and could easily be done at home by us mere mortals.


Hailey Baldwin at the amfAR Gala

This smokey eye is what dreams are made of. The colours are seamlessly blended and the shadow is perfectly diffused – it has such a sultry, slept-in, Kate Moss vibe. I also love how her brows are just brushed up, with no filling in necessary. Hailey’s peaches and creams complexion is gorgeous, and her bare lips make this even more effortless. I don’t really have anything more to say about this one, except that I’ll probably spend a fair few evenings trying to recreate it.



Sara Sampaio at the amfAR Gala

Only models can get away with this, can’t they? Sara has gone for even simpler makeup than Jasmine, and yet it just emphasises her beauty. She has the most beautiful eyes and brows, and incredible lips.She’s wearing less makeup than many of us would wear day-to-day, and yet it works. I find myself really tiring of the whole Instagram makeup – stripes of contour, drawn in brows, false lashes and heavy foundation – so I find it really refreshing to see a look where you can see skin instead of base, natural lashes and brows, and just an overall fresh, pretty look.


Saint Laurent Show


Nicola Peltz at the Saint Laurent Fall show

So I’m thinking Nicola and Hailey Baldwin may share a makeup artist, because this earthy smokey eye is so similar to the one Hailey rolled out at the amfAR Gala. The ruddy, bronzey tones are incredible with her green eyes, and her brushed up brows, fresh skin and clear gloss mean nothing is fighting to take the attention away from them. Side note, but how lovely are her earrings?


Dakota Fanning at the Saint Laurent Fall show

There are a couple of things I would change about this – namely the blush/bronzer, which comes across as a slightlymuddy, and I would maybe groom the brows a little more. However, this icy, sparkling blue shadow is just incredible. Teaming such a bold shade with all around black kohl liner and a smokeytapered corner moves it from potentially cringe-worthy blue shadow to a gritty, rock chick interpretation of a look normally seen only on editorial pages or the runway. Props to Dakota for trying something so unusual, the risk really paid off.


Rosie Huntington-Whitely at the Saint Laurent Fall show

RHW is the ultimate example of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. You’d be hard pressed to find a candid shot of her without her trademark golden glow and feline flick, but there’s a reason why: it works. Her lips and cheekbones are so naturally exaggerated that I think too much contour or too bold a lip can make her look almost a little caricature-like if everything else isn’t toned down to the bare minimum. I always think there’s something quite modern Bardot about her look – it’s all pout and bedroom eyes; just effortless sex appeal.

Grammy Awards


Alessandra Ambrosia at the Grammys

I really love that Alessandra mixed up the classic smokey eye. The gorgeous jewel tones and dramatic application really amp this up to another level. The thing about music award ceremonies is that there’s more of a creatove, kooky vibe – there’s the chance to push boundaries and have fun with your styling. I love that she took advantage of that.



Amber Heard at the Grammys

Amber is such a beautiful woman. I love that she never overdoes it with foundation; you can always see her true complexion. She just always looks so fresh and natural, even when she’s doing something bold like this juicy red lip. Her beachy waves and glowing skin are just such a lovely contrast against the pillar-box red. I also covet her eyebrows to an insane degree.


Kaley Cuoco at the Grammys

I put Kaley on this list because it’s the best I’ve seen her look in a long time. Her makeup is a little heavy, but I love the peachy tones she’s gone for – they really complement her colouring. Her eyebrows could do with a little growing out, but they’re the only main bugbear I have here. I love her hair this length as well, I think it suits that laid-back, California girl vibe she gives off. She also has the most genuine smile on this red carpet, which I’m a big fan of – it’s always nice to see someone having so much fun at these events.

Tove Lo

Tove Lo at the Grammys

I’m not a fan of septum piercings in general, but that’s not what I’m here to comment on. What I do want to talk about it Tove Lo’s eye makeup. I adore it – it’s so high fashion but somehow looks casual on her; she’s so comfortable wearing such a dramatic look. The colour is absolutely beautiful – rust shades aren’t the first thing you would think of incorporating into your eye makeup, but this just really works.

Brit Awards


Rihanna at the Brit Awards

Honestly, the Brit Awards beauty offerings didn’t blow me away. Everything was either too predictable or too cakey or just too boring. But Rihanna brought enough A-game to make up for everyone else. She’s never scared of taking a risk, and it always pays off – I don’t think I’ve ever seen this woman look anything less than stunning. The lilac and baby pink eye is just so pastel pretty, and really brings the aesthetic from this version of her Work video with Drake to mind. Her hair is wonderful; so sleek and understated. There’s nothing about this I would change.



Lady Gaga at the Oscars

Gaga has really been embracing Old Hollywood glamour since she moved into television, and I love it. Her makeup artist said they took inspiration from old Helmut Lang photographs to create a really classic look, and they definitely achieved. Her skin is so beautiful – it almost looks candlelit; there’s just such a soft glow from within – and her lip colour is a beautiful ‘your lips, but better’ dusty rose. Her eye makeup is beautiful; with the pink tones complementing her lip colour without being overly matchy. Normally I’m a big proponent of filling n or darkening brows a little, but I really love that Gaga lightens hers: she has the bone structure to carry off stronger looks, and this really works on her.



Margot Robbie at the Oscars

Margot’s beauty look has to be the most natural looking of all on this list! I love that her blush and eye makeup is so seamless and that there’s no visible contouring. She looks like she could have come straight from the beach, or maybe the spa (her skin is just so plump and healthy!). Her stylist said they wanted to contrast the high-octane glamour of her Tom Ford gown with a laid-back, Margaux Hemmingway inspired look – just clean, natural beauty. Her loosely tousled waves look like she just ran her fingers through them before hitting the carpet, and I love the whole effect.



Olivia Munn at the Oscars

There was a lot of talk recently about Olivia’s rather different looking complexion and face. Whether she’s had fillers or botox done or not, she killed it with this punchy orange lip. Her makeup artist mixed two shades to create a colour that best complemented her gown, and I think the result is a really cool, contemporary alternative to a classic red lip.



Kerry Washington at the Oscars

Okay, so Kerry’s false lashes are a bit much. But I love the thick liquid liner teamed with a nude lip! It kind of reminds me of that heavy liner The Supremes used to sport back in the day. I just like that it isn’t a loo you would necessarily think of for such a prestigious awards show. Her flawless base puts even more emphasis on the eyes- they really are the star feature here.

Vanity Fair Oscars’ party


Jessica Alba at the Vanity Fair party

Jessica went for very classic Hollywood hair, with beautiful brushed out finger curls. The colour palette on her face is very muted, with soft plum and heather shades. I have to say, I prefer Jessica with punchier colours – she’s someone who wears a bold lip incredibly well – but I like that she tried something out of her comfort zone. However, it doesn’t really matter what she wears: Jessica Alba will always be, well, Jessica Alba. I don’t know if it’s possible to make her look unattratcive.


Selena Gomez at the Vanity Fair party

I love when Selena has her hair long and sleek like this, with a middle parting. She’s lightened it up again, which I think looks particularly beautiful with this makeup. Normally I like her best with her inky black strands, but these warm chestnut and caramel tones lighten up her dark smokey eye and very pale nude lip. When you go this pale with a nude, it can come off as quite flat and lifeless looking, but the creme sheen adds dimension. I really love the graphic shape of her smokey eye as well; I think that, teamed with her straight hair, it really adds length to her face, which is quite rounded. She’s been killing her fashion and beauty choices recently, and this was no exception.


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